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Both stress and anxiety are feelings most of us have experienced at some point within the course of our lives and each can be impactful within many areas such as relationships, work, hobbies, prospects and physical health. There can be a single trigger for anxiety or an event that raises our stress level, but often it comes from an accumulation of pressures or worries. When stress and anxiety increase in intensity and frequency, become overwhelming or chronic, they can then be deeply distressing, frightening and even disabling to a person. 

Hypnotherapy is very effective in helping clients to gain control over undesired behaviors such as, negative self-talk, insomnia or trouble concentrating for example, that accompany the intense feelings brought on by stress and anxiety. The goal is that by developing a stronger sense of self-efficacy one learns how to self-regulate thereby lowering their psychological distress. Together the client and I explore the behaviors and the triggers, develop a "game plan," and while in the relaxed hypnotic state the client is able to easily integrate, into the subconscious mind, the desired feelings and the ways in which to access those in times of distress. Ultimately, the client understands that power can be in their control. 

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