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Weight Loss

Weight loss and weight management can be one of life's biggest challenges. Surprisingly, in most cases, the struggle is not due to a genetic or medical reason but rather an unconscious one. Stress, boredom,  or loneliness can all be triggers for feelings of low self-esteem and a negative self-image.


Hypnosis can help by allowing you to overcome these unconscious barriers and understand how you have been motivated by your subconscious mind. More research than ever is now showing the positive effects of the use of hypnosis for weight loss.


While diets encourage better eating habits, including healthier foods and proper amounts, they are often  regulatory and impersonal. And with diet programs, there is an underlying and subtle message of struggle and difficulty. Research shows, overwhelmingly, that diets work in the short term but fail in the long term for most people, as they tend to return to old habits.  With hypnosis, you begin to see clearly it is not only about what you eat or how much, but more importantly how you think about eating and why. Hypnosis will help you understand why you have the habits and behaviors you do.

Through hypnosis, I can help you change your unconscious motivation to work for you rather than against you.​

Below are some of the ways we help you make the necessary changes to lose that excess weight:

 Accessing and partnering with the part of your unconscious mind that wants to make a change

Discovering and developing a new self-image, and the thoughts and feelings to support it

Helping your body stop eating as soon as it's full​

Establishing confidence and high self-esteem as the primary vehicles as you move toward your goals

Cultivating an approach to weight loss and management that is relaxed and stress-free​

Creating a relationship with food in which YOU are in control

Eliminating certain triggers in daily life which cause you to make unhealthy food choices​

Eliminating desires for specific unhealthy foods and creating aversions to them

Boosting your motivation to exercise more​

Finding the reasons behind the eating patterns and desensitizing you to those triggers

Helping you increase your intake of water

​As you come to understand how this process differs from others, keep in mind that your participation and desire for change are key. But, if this is something you truly want, then you can be sure that nothing or no one can stop you from attaining it. I believe in you and your ability to make great changes and as we work together through hypnosis you will believe it, too!  Let me help guide you on your path toward being your absolute best self.​

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